Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rainbow Crafts {Fruit Loops & Jell-O}

At our rainbow playdate the kids all did an amazing job with craft time. The projects were both very sensory and the kids really enjoyed doing them. I found lots of great ideas at Making Learning Fun, but chose two specifically for the playdate.

The first was making rainbows with Fruit Loops cereal. Some of the kids put all one color on each row, while others mixed up the Loops. Either way you get a beautiful result!! Go here to download the Rainbow Fruit Loops printable.

Rows of a single color

Mixed colors

The first time Haleigh Ann did this activity (before our playdate) she had fun picking out the different colors of cereal and counting how many of each she needed per row. It also was the first time I let her use glue from a bottle and (thankfully) it wasn't quite the messy experience I figured it would be.

Grace ^ and Izzy making pretty rainbows!!

TIP: Have extra Fruit Loops on hand -- they are yummy and hard for kids (and adults) to resist!!

Our next craft was Scented Rainbows. The kids spread glue onto the page and then sprinkled on powdered Jell-O with spoons. The result was a beautiful, fruity-scented rainbow!! Go here to download the Rainbow Scented Jello printable.

Dante's finished scented rainbow

Haleigh Ann ^ and Ella making scented rainbows!!

Props to our 5-year-old crafter Ella who combined the two projects by adding blue Fruit Loops to resemble clouds on her scented rainbow page. :O) She finished by putting her name at the top in Fruit Loops and added some cotton balls for clouds at the top. She's quite a creative little girl!!

Ella with her pretty rainbow creation!!

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