Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pink Pancakes

Saturday morning we made pink pancakes!! It was super-easy. We just added pink food coloring to our pancake batter. To help make the shapes we poured the batter into a plastic squeeze bottle. Now I will say the colors weren't as bright as they could be; to do that you'd need to use a pureed food such as strawberries or blueberries to get a more distinct color. Jim's Pancakes has some awesome designs and ideas. But for a quick fun switch-up to the usual color, the food coloring works just swell.

The basics: pancake mix, mixing bowl (with a spout works best), whisk, food coloring, squeeze bottle, griddle.

Pink batter!!

Pour the colored batter into the squeeze bottle.

First squeeze out an outline of the shape you want to make. Then fill in with more batter.

Finished flower and heart.

Baby Girl requested a Kitty Cat with whiskers. It looks kinda creepy but she loved it.

Eating the "poor little kitty cat," as she kept saying. LOL.

Flower with stem and leaves. Make separate pieces for flower, stem and leaves, then lay together.

Daddy got a pink football. :O)

My cluck cluck. She tasted yummy!!

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