Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rainbow Playdate

Today we had a wonderful Rainbow-inspired playdate at our house. All the kids really enjoyed their snacks and crafts and even played well with each other to top it off!!

I must admit I had a lot of fun myself making the Rainbow Cupcakes and Glass Block Jell-O. They both turned out so gorgeous for the rainbow theme I did a little happy dance inside. :O)

The kids did a super job with their Fruit Loop Rainbow and Scented Rainbow crafts. One of them even went the extra mile and added clouds and her name in Fruit Loops to hers. :O)

I'll have to make a separate post to describe the Rainbow Cupcakes and Glass Block Jell-O, but links to the crafts are here: Scented Rainbow, Fruit Loop Rainbow.

Now for pictures of these adorable kiddos:

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