Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jewelry Board Pile-Up {Organize & Unclutter!!}

If your jewelry drawer/box/whatever is anything like mine, its contents are unorganized and cluttered all over the place. I finally got tired of digging for things, trying to find matching earrings and all that mess, plus I thought my jewelry deserved to be taken care of just a little bit better, so I decided to do something about it. As you can see, there was an "attempt" in my jewelry drawer to keep like things together, but the menagerie of misfit boxes just wasn't cutting it anymore.

See the random assortment of boxes and containers, and my poor bracelets squished together?

I headed to my local craft store happy place and found a few items to try out my idea -- a foam-core insert fitted to my drawer. The whole thing turned out quite well and I'm very proud to say that eight months later, it is still in use and looks the same as when I made it!!

Here's what I used:
  • Foam-core board
  • Spray adhesive
  • Fabric
  • Map push pins
  • Scissors

Here's how to make your own jewelry board:

First, measure the inside of your drawer or area to put the new jewelry board. Cut your foam-core and then place it in the drawer to make sure it fits. Keep cutting until it fits snugly.

Shake up your spray adhesive and spray a good layer onto the front of the board. Lay your fabric on top and smooth out any wrinkles. I used a solid light-colored fabric so I could still see my jewelry well (i.e. no busy prints).

Flip over the board and fold down the excess fabric (trim if necessary), using spray adhesive just like before.

Now you are ready to do a little design work to figure out where you want everything on your board!! Put in some push pins to hold earrings, necklaces, bracelets, charms -- whatever you want to keep in place. Regular push pins will work fine too, but I found some pretty map push pins on sale and just had to get them for this special project. :O)

For necklaces I used one pin at the top and one at the bottom; bracelets one at the top; earrings one for a pair of hook style, and individual pins for others. Basically do whatever works best for the type of jewelry you have. I had a few necklace slides and other things that just wouldn't work with a pin, so I kept them off to the side in a tray. I kept a place for rings and my watch off to the side as well.

Put the board in your drawer and admire your neatly-placed jewelry!! Open and shut your drawer and leap for joy because your pretty things are still in the same place and not all squished in the corner!!

The nice thing about this board is it's always changeable. You can add and move items around as you have more to put on there, or if you switch jewelry with the seasons. Most importantly, you can SEE all your jewelry at a glance and not have to dig through a mess to find something. You might even wear something more often now that you have uncovered it.

This is a thrifty, easy, and quick way to battle the jewelry drawer pile-up. Now go grab some supplies and organize your shiny loot!!

Note: These pieces are not expensive baubles, just your everyday fun jewelry. If you are lucky enough to have very expensive jewelry, I'd suggest finding another way to organize it other than with push pins. :O)


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