Friday, February 3, 2012

Baby Blankets 3 Ways {#1}

Our neighborhood has been blessed with three baby girls right in a row. That means I had an excuse to sew up three baby blankets -- yay!! I absolutely love fabric shopping (yes Mom, you heard that right) and had lots of fun picking it out especially for each baby's blanket.

For Baby Blanket #1 I chose a bright pink and green color pallete to match baby's room. This blanket is a simple 36"x36" square. I simply cut the front and back fabric to size, sewed right sides together, then turned out and finished the seam. On top I sewed on some white and sparkly silver ric-rac about 4" inside. Then I finished the edges with a pretty embroidery stitch on my machine.

I also made some coordinating burp rags out of cloth diapers and flannel fabric. On one of them I got a little crazy and added some green ruffles to the pink flannel to match the blanket. Someday I will get one of those weird-looking ruffler contraptions that actually fits my machine and ruffles will take less time. Someday.

I like these types of blankets because I think they're great for baby to sit and play on or for easy cover when it's not cold enough for a thick blanket. Add in the useful (pretty) burp rags and you have a great shower gift.

Alltogether this was an easy project. The hardest part was waiting on my sewing machine to do all its lovely embroidery stitching around the edge. Lucky for me I have a wonderful chiropractor to realign my neck and back after a long stretch of using bad sewing posture. :O)

Stay tuned for Baby Blankets 2 & 3!!

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