Wednesday, February 22, 2012

{What I Love Wednesday} Fly Lady

Have you heard of Fly Lady? She's a great lady who knows just how to motivate someone like me. She's always there with simple reminders and words of encouragement for everyday life. Oh, and she also has tips on keeping your house clean. :O)

If you've never visited the FlyLady website, get to it now!! Sign up for her daily email.

If you're like me and sometimes the shape of your house gets you down, Fly Lady has some advice: start with babysteps and one simple habit -- shining your sink. I know it sounds silly, but keeping a shiny sink is not only easy, but it will transform your day-to-day routines and how you feel about yourself. Keeping a shiny sink simply means to make sure all your dishes are washed (or in the dishwasher) every night before you go to bed, leaving you with an empty sink to greet you the next morning. Then you put away your clean dishes and have a place to put your dirties all day, cleaning as you go. Doing so in turn makes after-dinner cleanup a breeze. Then you're free to be with your family or get to other more important things you want to do.

I like to visit the Launch Pad to see what my mission is for the day. They are always quick -- 15 minutes or less!!

The FlyLady website is full of easy cleaning habits you can begin to implement in your daily routine. The key is to take babysteps and not overwhelm yourself. Do something for just 15 minutes. You don't have to wait until you have a two-hour block of time to tackle something, because honestly, when does that happen?! Just get started for 15 minutes a day. Before you know it clutter will be gone, clothes will be washed and put away, the carpet will be vacuumed, dishes will be done, and you'll have more time for yourself and your family.

Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves and cause stress just for not feeling like we are "caught up" with housework. It's an awful feeling, but you can get rid of negative attitudes and find the joy and contentment that remains. And FlyLady stresses that things don't have to be "perfect," just done the best you can. Any housework done, no matter what, still blesses your home and your family. I hope you visit FlyLady soon and start to find some peace in your home routines.

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