Friday, February 17, 2012

Baby Blankets 3 Ways {#3}

Here's the last of three baby blankets I made for some sweet new babies in our neighborhood!! This one is a "faux chenille" style and is so soft on the back. It even would be great in a grownup size for snuggling on the couch. :O)

To make this I used a yard of a cotton print for the blanket top, and three yards of flannel (1 yard each of three colors for variety) for the faux chenille on the bottom. You could use just one color of flannel, or three different ones to get some color variation. Either way is fine. I also used satin ribbon for the trim and two spools of thread. Yes, all that stitching takes lots of thread -- make sure you have enough so you don't run out before you're finished!!

Putting this blanket together is easy -- all you need to know how to do is make a straight stitch. But be prepared to stitch for a loooong time!! I worked on it for a half hour or so at a time so I wouldn't get tired of all the long straight lines.

The first step is to lay out your three layers of flannel, then lay your cotton fabric on top. Pin together. Now make a diagonal straight line from one corner to the opposite corner. Make sure your bobbin is full and you have lots of thread and get ready to sew!!

Stitch the layers together. Stitch on top of the diagonal line (you might want to increase your stitch length here -- it looks nicer and will make the sewing go faster). Using that line as a guide, keep stitching diagonal lines about 1/2 inch apart over the entire top. Use your presser foot as a guide -- no need to mark lines on the fabric.

Stitching on the top and bottom.

Now you are ready to cut the faux chenille. Turn the blanket over to the back (flannel facing you). Using a very good pair of fabric scissors or a chenille cutter, cut through ONLY the three layers of flannel. Be careful not to cut through the cotton or poke a hole, or you will cry and have to repair the hole.

 Flannel layers after they are cut.

Then square up the sides and bind with whatever you like and you're all done with the construction. Wash the blanket once and the cut flannel will turn into a lovely faux chenille. Every time it is washed it will get softer!!

Satin ribbon for binding with a mitered corner.

Time for a spin in the washing machine and dryer!!

Now you have a soft and textured "faux chenille"!!

This blanket has lots of texture on the top with all the close stitching, and of course on the bottom with the soft faux chenille effect. Perfect for baby to play or sleep on. You'll just want to rub your hands on it all the time; it will be hard to turn over at the baby shower!!

So pretty and soft all over. :O)

Well folks, that's all for the Baby Blankets 3 Ways series. See Blanket #1 and Blanket #2 for peeks at the other blankets I made for the sweet new additions to our neighborhood. Next up will be a baby quilt I made for my newest little nephew (yes, something for a boy!!).

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